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Dager of the Tasman Empire
by Teresa Saari

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
233 pages; ISBN: 097371770X

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: BarbaraLyn


Another hit for new author Teresa Saari! Dager of the Tasman Empire is a story for the young reader but, as in her first book, Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom, this is a book that even the older generation would not be bored reading especially if you are tired of all the sex, murder and mayhem in so many of today’s novels.

Dager is a five-year-old who was stolen from his home and is a slave to an old hag. Such a sad thing but all is not lost as his Granda Brand has magical powers and has been searching for this stolen child ever since he was taken. Granda, his son, Mod and daughter-in-law, Goy live under the sea in a world that never has night. The family misses Dager even though they have a daughter named Lucia. When Granda locates Dager with his powers, he sends Lucia to retrieve him. But nothing is easy and instead of bringing Dager home, Lucia becomes a slave to the hag. Now Mod and Goy must rescue both their children. In doing so, Mod is able to turn the hag from a sour old woman into someone who enjoys life because he is a Curor, one who heals with magical powers.

The High Council keeps everyone in the village under his thumb. It has been a dream of Brand’s to start a village where everyone is equal. While Mod and Goy are on the surface saving their children, the time is right to break with his old way of life. Granda leaves his home for the last few years to begin the new village under the sea choosing a spot by the Great Pond. Several families have come with him and so the beginnings of a new life for all have started.

The rest of the story tells of how families are reunited, how the High Council is prevented from stopping the new village from going forth and learning about the differences between the surface people and the people under the sea. Teresa Saari has written another book I plan to read to my grandchildren. Pick up a copy for the young reader in your life or savor it as a parent/child reading session.



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