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Bury The Lead
by Rosenfelt Rosenfelt

Category: Fiction / Mystery
261 pages; ISBN: 0-89296-782-X

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Kevin Tipple


Andy Carpenter is a bit bored. Sure he has football on the tube and Tara, the wonder dog extraordinaire, by his side. Then there is Laurie the love of his life. And of course, the fact that he has a cool 22 million in the bank does not hurt either. But, Andy Carpenter is a lawyer and a bored lawyer is never a good thing. What he needs to pull him out of his boredom kicking and screaming is a really good murder and a client to defend on the charge.

He gets that when his “friend” (if one uses the term loosely as he points out) newspaper owner Vince Sanders asks him to represent the paper on a consulting basis. One of the reporters, Daniel Cummings, is being used by a serial killer as a conduit to the police in order to taunt them and further terrorize the population of Paterson, New Jersey and the surrounding area. Vince is uncomfortable that his paper is becoming part of the story as the killer keeps calling Cummings and giving him exclusive details including such things as where the bodies, missing their hands, can be found. Andy agrees to keep an eye on things as Vince asks.

Which gets very complicated very fast when Cummings is found at the scene of the latest murder claming to have been lured there by the killer and then knocked unconscious. This time the victim is a high profile woman by the name of Linda Padilla who among other things, was planning to run for Governor and had a real shot at winning. Before long, it is clear that Cummings knows far more than he ever said, has lied about what he did say, and has created a heck of a mess for himself. Arrested and charged with murder, Cummings is faced with a trial in court and in the media with the odds stacked against him and Andy Carpenter on his side.

This is the third book of the series and continues the author’s tradition of providing an enjoyable, albeit not deep, murder mystery read. This book and the series is certainly not chick lit for men (see the Mack Bolan series for that) and character development remains limited as does character insight. In this case it revolves around the fact that Laurie never brings up the idea of marriage something all women from birth are genetically programmed to do. For Andy, who knows they can’t help themselves, the fact that Laurie remains silent on the subject drives Andy nuts and this internal dialogue provides much of a secondary storyline for the novel.

Mixed in with mystery and the resulting trial are the occasional humorous comments about the state of the world today. As in other books in the series, the mystery itself is complicated and there are a few twists along the way to keep the reader guessing. At the same time, the twists are limited in scope and not that much of a surprise to reader who have read extensively in the mystery genre.

In short, this novel and series compares favorably to the recent works of Stuart Woods featuring Stone Barrington. Lightweight mysteries where most survive, the bad guys are vanquished, but Andy is a more humble and fun character.

Book Facts:

Bury The Lead
By David Rosenfelt
Mysterious Press
ISBN # 0-89296-782-X
$24.00 US

Kevin R. Tipple © 2005



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