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The Fat Moon Dance
by Elizabeth Taylor

Category: Fiction / General
134 pages; ISBN: 1904224288

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Mayra Calvani


Delightful, funny and marvellously witty!

In The Fat Moon Dance, Elizabeth Taylor (yes, that’s her name) takes us through a refreshing, totally fun ride through the pre-teen minds of Bayly James and her group of friends.

Bayly James has a serious problem. More than anything else in the world, she wants to go to the Harvest Moon Dance, where, she dreams, the handsomest boy in her class will ask her to dance. But her mother, who has never allowed her to attend a dance before, is not ready to let her yet. And so Bayly thinks of a plan. She is supposed to hand in a project for her social science class, and maybe, just maybe, if she manages to do a great job and finish it before the day of the dance, she might convince her mother to change her mind.

So she gathers her best friends and her not-so-great friend to help her with the project. It is as they work as a team that we get the chance to glimpse into their real personalities, and not the “cool” façade peer pressure compels them to take at school. Transformation occurs in the way they see each other, and in the way they see other girls.

Will Bayly be able to go to the dance? What about chubby, unpopular, book-worm Emma, who suddenly seems to becoming prettier and prettier each day, will she get the chance to dance at all? And what about the most gorgeous, coolest yet meanest girl at school, Kameko, is she really as “cool” and carefree as she pretends to be?

The language is so witty I sometimes laughed out loud. The author has done a superb job in bringing to life this youthful, charming, believable set of characters and make them real with their quirks, pre-adolescent fears and insecurities. Told with love and sensitivity, this is a story any young adult—and even adult—will enjoy. I certainly look forward to reading more of this talented author’s books.


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