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Dager of the Tasman Empire
by Teresa Saari

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
231 pages; ISBN: 0-9737177-0-X

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Shirley A. Roe


Dager of the tasman empire
AUTHOR: teresa saari
Children everywhere will love DAGER OF THE TASMAN EMPIRE by Teresa Saari
Alone, nameless and under the control of a wicked hag, the small boy ponders his life. Dragged by the hag the little boy falls and cuts his hand on a sharp object, yet moments later the wound magically heals. Far away in another parallel world, an old man’s hand begins to bleed. Suddenly the boy hears a voice- a quiet whisper in his ear. The voice tells him to go to the market and follow “the girl”. The girl will lead him to his family and the love he desperately seeks, far from the old hag. Although he is frightened and unsure, excitement fills his heart for the first time in two long years.
Dager and his sister Lucia take the reader on an exciting action packed adventure as they attempt to escape the world of the hag and return to their parents and the land beneath the sea. Children of all ages will love the colorful characters, vivid imagery and the exhilarating plot. An excellent read- along book for younger children; tweeners and young teens will find the book entertaining and amusing with vocabulary that is easy to understand. Sentence structure is simple yet effective, making this an easy read.
Author Teresa Saari’s first book, Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom was a charming introduction to the author’s world of fantasy and delight. Dager of the Tasman Empire continues to show her vivid imagination and wonderful sense of adventure. Her stories promote love, family values and a sense of responsibility and mutual respect. Highly recommended for any family or school library.
Shirley Roe, Allbooks Reviews.
Title: Dager of the Tasman Empire
Author: Teresa Saari
Publisher: Teridon Books
ISBN: 0-9737177-0-X Pages. 231
Price: $12.99



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