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The New World Order
by Ben Jeapes

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
448 pages; ISBN: 0385750137

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The New World Order
Ben Jeapes
David Fickling, Mar 2005, $15.95, 448 pp.
ISBN: 0385750137

The civil war between the forces of Oliver Cromwell and King Charles II has devastated the countryside, but by May looks like it’s nearly over with the monarch barley escaping recently with his life. However, in the middle of battle, a third force has emerged with weaponry much more powerful than that of either combatant even combined.

Observing a battle, John Donder recognizes the rifle that has not been invented for another two plus centuries. The Holekhors are influencing the war on land, at sea, and for the first time fighting from the air. John having been stranded here before seeks the woman he loves and left behind years ago though he knows time and space are linear when he first fell through a portal. Now in the present of mid seventeenth century England, a late nineteenth century army led by General Dhon Do has invaded the countryside, but learning that he previously sired a child before his earlier timely departure has shocked and awed him.

This is a terrific alternate history tale with a powerful science fiction cut that changes English history at a pivotal moment with time traveling aliens. The story line is action-packed, but also brings to life the reality of the era by comparing it to later weaponry and tactics and through some of the key historical figures. Though targeting a teenage crowd, Harry Turtledove fans will appreciate Ben Jeapes brilliant novel of THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

Harriet Klausner


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