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Is Nothing Sacred?
by Walter von Wegen

Category: Fiction / Crime
360 pages; ISBN: 1-59590-006-3

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Swamy


"Is Nothing Sacred?" by Walter von Wegen is a novel, that is gripping, scary and at places, rather revolting. It is about crime, police, politicians and manipulators. The story starts with a severed head discovered in a canal in Venice, Italy, moves to USA. That and a bank robbery pulls in quite a few officers of New York Police Department and their rivals, goons of NPDi, the Internal Security wing, led by Donner, a real ruthless and cruel manipulator. The good guys come out tops at the end.

The novel has everything to hold one's attention if one is not put off by graphically explicit descriptions of torture, sex etc. It also has a lot of swear words, which probably may be acceptable in this situation.

The story and the incidents described are too realistic to be dismissed as fiction and imagination of the author. Thus the book is indeed disturbing and I needed quite a few days to read it. I am therefore, unable to agree with Judy Schuler's review on the back cover that it is - "one of the most fun reads..." But it has its fair share of humor too.

I found a few editorial slips in the printed book, but fortunately they don't distract from following the story.


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