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Dark Watcher
by Lilith Saintcrow Pub. ImaJinn Books

Category: Fiction / Autobiography
0 pages; ISBN: 0975965328

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


A truly great read!! The fantasy genre is richer for the writing of this book and the reader will be richer in experience in the reading of it. A story that should thrill any fantasy fan. In the world of magic, Theodora is a powerful young witch and member of a coven of four. They are women with many enemies through no fault of their own, enemies who seek to destroy them and others like them. Dante and Hanson are watchers, sent to protect two of the witches when they discover the number is four and help is needed to keep them alive. Dante is strongly drawn to Theodora and looks on her as 'his' witch. He will do his duty whether or not she looks on him with favor. Dark Watcher sparkles with color and a sense of suppressed excitement as Dante and Hanson try to keep their witches plus two alive until help can arrive. Their battles with the forces of darkness are terrific and terrifying, edge-of-the-seat reading. The description in this book is so well drawn, you can see clearly the characters. You will smell and see the green aura that follows Theodora as she goes out to help others, knowing she puts herself in mortal danger. Highly recommended as a book that will please any reader, offering a glimpse into the world of magic as not seen before. Enjoy. I sure did.



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