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Lion of the Balkans
by Vladimir Chernozemsky

Category: Fiction / Historical
425 pages; ISBN: 1-932656-01-4

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Shirley A. Roe


Genre: Historical Fiction/War
War stories are not usually my fist choice for fiction, but Vladimir Chernozemsky’s newest novel, “Lion of the Balkans,” is no ordinary war story. It is a wonderful and exciting read, filled with action, intrigue and romance. From beginning to end, it captured my attention, and left me wanting to read more by this prolific author.
Using renditions of the events gathered from family members, diaries, and letters, Vladimir Chernozemsky vividly describes the conflict between Bulgaria and Turkey, and the devastation that results. He brings out the true horrors of war, seen through the eyes of those on all sides. Giving this novel a unique quality is the fact that the politics, though certainly crucial to the plot and circumstances, become secondary to the complexity of human relationships, entwined during a time of such turmoil and contradiction.
The very long list of characters at the front of the book, with unfamiliar names and complicated titles, may at first appear intimidating, but it is these characters that give the story its amazing richness. From the moral struggle of childhood friends, one the son of a freedom fighting Bulgarian, the other the son of a Turkish officer, who both must choose between the bond of friendship and patriotic loyalty; to the greedy Tzar, so consumed by his own thirst for power and glory that he would rather have all his countryman slaughtered than to admit his mistakes. Opposing him, a patriotic but humanitarian lieutenant colonel, who would risk his life for his country and the men under his command, to become a hero and martyr to the Bulgarian people and his faithful and kindhearted wife, whose work with the wounded men brings her the treasured friendship of the Tzar’s beautiful mistress. Add to this multiple romances, trysts, and betrayals, and you have an enthralling, realistic story, that comes highly recommended!
Author, Vladimir Chernozemsky, was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He came under intense political scrutiny while working as a documentary director in Sofia, after which he made a harrowing escape to the west. The author of 44 novels, plays and screenplays he has been hailed “an exceptional literary talent.” Reviewer: Nancy Morris, Allbooks Reviews
Title: Lion of the Balkans
Author: Vladimir Chernozemsky
Publisher: Triumvirate Publications
ISBN Number: 1-932656-01-4
Price: $24.95 Length: 425 pgs



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