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Hyperlinkz Book 5: Hack Attack
by Robert Elmer

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
128 pages; ISBN: 1578567513

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Hyperlinkz Book 5: Hack Attack
Robert Elmer
Waterbrook, Apr 2005, $5.99, 128 pp.
ISBN: 1578567513

In Normal, Illinois, siblings Austin and Ashley use his digital camera to actually visit Internet sites. Currently they are in Italy as Mt. Vesuvius is about to erupt. They get back from their adventure, but two things different occurred than from their previous web treks. For the first time they brought something back from the Internet dimension to their world: volcanic dust and Ashley insists she saw Austin playing when they needed to leave while he insists he was not fooling around.

Someone wearing the identical clothing as Austin has on and looking like his twin is destroying the Dr. King exhibit with graffiti. Austin tries to stop the kid, but instead the janitor catches him. He is suspended. Ashley believes that someone else has that unique access to the Internet they have and is using it to get her brother in trouble. With the help of her Aunt Jessi, who is her age, and other friends, Ashley sets a trap to catch the real culprit.

The Hyperlinkz novels are exciting and insightful tales that take pre-teens a on a wonderful journey of web sites while also providing tips for safe use by children on the Internet highway. The fifth book provides tours of Mt. St. Helen, the moon IO and Vesuvius amongst other fascinating stops, but all that is rolled into an action-packed preteen thriller. HACK ATTACK is fun, imaginative and entertaining.

Harriet Klausner


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