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Lords of Grass and Thunder
by Curt Benjamin

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
464 pages; ISBN: 0756401976

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Lords of Grass and Thunder
Curt Benjamin
Daw, April 2005, $24.95, 464 pp.
ISBN 0756401976

After defeating the enemies of the Cloud Country, Count Mergen Khan and his heir Prince Tayyichiut head euphorically home. The Prince was a hero who played a major role in the triumph. His uncle is only waiting for his nephew to gain more experience before he turns the power over to him. Mergen’s son Qutvla not officially reorganized as his child wants to be the khan instead of Prince Tayy.

The snake demon who killed Tayy’s parents weaves a spell over Qutula to kill Tayy and his father, and marry her so she can be the Khan’s wife until she kills him and rules in her own right. Tayy’s one hope is the shaman in training Eluneke who is learning how to use her power and is determined to save her beloved future husband (she saw that in a vision) from death from those he trusts. It will take a lot of power for an untried shaman to go against a demon and her consort but go against them she will in order to save her beloved prince.

This novel takes place in the same universe as the SEVEN BROTHERS where Tayy was a hero. In LORDS OF GRASS AND THUNDER he comes home an idol but almost immediately he is trapped by court intrigue, serpent demons bent on conquest and the love of a shaman who has much to learn about the use of her powers. His cousin envies Prince Tayy; so out of jealously of his power and the love his father has for him, starts planning to bring him down Curt Benjamin has written an exciting and enthralling stand alone book that readers will enjoy immensely.

Harriet Klausner


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