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Mystic Quest
by Tracy & Hickman & Laura Hickman

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
453 pages; ISBN: 0446531065

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Mystic Quest
Tracy & Laura Hickman
Aspect, April 2005 $24.95, 453 pp.
ISBN 0446531065

Three different dimensions, three different worlds all linked so that the fate of one is the fate of all. It is twenty-three years since the events of Mystic Warrior took place and the sons and daughters get out on their own adventures, hoping to find salvation and a place to call home.

The dragons on the human world are not just killing the mystics but are after the priests who worship them and the peasants who have no say in what the leaders do. Galen’s son and his priest half brother are moving south to the lost city of Calgandria if they can find it. The mystics will have a homeland free of persecution but the two brothers have opposing goals on the quest and once it is completed a choice that will mean life or death for humanity will be made.

On the goblin world, King Mimic and the wizard Thux share a dream in which the wizard goes south to the ogre city to find out the relationships between the titans (robots) and the books that make them work. His wife is held hostage to control him, but when he finds a library full of books, he wants Mimic’s plan to fail while the ogre king believe that his side will prevail.

In the world of faery, the Kree are going to see if there is a chance they can return to their homeland after the catastrophe destroyed their city. A representative of each of the domains in fairy accompanies the Kree on their expedition. However, a traitor is among them with plans that do not include the Kree or faery; it is up to a deposed princess to stop the villain from carrying out his diabolical plan.

Three different worlds, three heroes who all have dreams to go south and a magical artifact is the deciding factor on the success or failure of the missions that demonstrates that these worlds are definitely linked. Tracey and Laura Hickman have written an enthralling fantasy novel with plenty of action and fully developed characters. MYSTIC QUEST is fantasy at its very best.

Harriet Klausner


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