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Acts of Judas, The
by Georgiann Baldino

Category: Fiction / Mystery
292 pages; ISBN: 1-931742-84-7

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Jeannine Van Eperen


The Acts of Judas
Georgiann Baldino
292 pages
ISBN: 1-931742-84-7

Linda Rhodes, an archeologist, is leading a expedition in Jordan. From the first her group is plagued by a series of misfortunes, which could be just bad luck or someone out to discredit her. She has led expeditions before and has several trustworthy companions with her, Muslims Abu and Zuhair, and a Jew, Professor Gold. She also has workers who are natives of the area as well as a group of students from the USA. It soon appears that within the group are those who wish to spoil this expedition, and things go from bad to worse. Linda does make an outstanding discovery. She finds within a cave an ancient scroll that appears to be the testament of Judas Iscariot. Shortly after discovering this find and secretly taking pictures of it, giving one copy to Professor Gold, Linda is kidnaped by a terrorist who had confiscated the scroll. The terrorist holds her in captivity and forces her to translate the scroll. Linda comes to realize that the scroll, which if authentic, will bring this terrorist millions of dollars to fund other terrorist activities. Should she continue to translate, enduring degradation from the terrorist leader Rabadi, or refuse entirely and be put to death? Can she possibly survive the cruel treatment and is there any way out of her dilema?

The book, The Acts of Judas, was not what I expected from the title, which is my fault and not the author’s. I had expected a mostly fictional account of Judas’ life. There is a portion of this toward the end of the book, when the scroll is translated, but the story primarily concerns Linda’s plight and fight against the terrorist, Rabadi and his followers. Linda is also attracted to the Muslim Abu, but knows there is little hope for a relationship with him as their beliefs and backgrounds are too long of a bridge to cross. Miss Baldino appears to have much knowledge about the area of Jordan and of Muslims. I say appears as I have little or none, but I believe I learned something of the area and the people from reading The Acts of Judas. For those wanting to increase their knowledge of this area of the world, within a story of intrigue, you’ll find The Acts of Judas by Georgiann Baldino a satisfying read.


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