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Family Blessings
by Fern Michaels

Category: Fiction / General
4 pages; ISBN: 0743539834

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: BarbaraLyn


What a wonderful story Fern Michaels has written in “Family Blessings”. It is so refreshing to read a novel that does NOT contain murder, sex and human degradation.

The story is set in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania in the days before the Thanksgiving Season. The cast of characters is of a grandmother, son and a set of triplet grandchildren and their spouses. Grandmother, Cisco, is the family patriarch and owns a family business of candy making. A tornado descends on their peaceful lives and destroys not only houses but the surface peace of the family.

Deep down, the triplets – Hannah, Sara and Sam who are all newlyweds – have never come to terms with only relying on each other. Father, Jonathan, has never told Cisco of his true desire to work as a carpenter rather than in the family business. Other family secrets surface when Sara and Hannah’s husband’s start spending nights away from home. Sam’s wife, Sonia, leaves him because of a secret she is keeping.

Ezra, Cisco’s significant other, has asked her yet again to marry him and this time she says yes. They will be married on Christmas Day. The big question though is can all the family secrets be brought out into the open and resolved happily in time for the wedding. Grab a copy of “Family Blessings” to find out the answers.



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