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Sweet Robert’s Serenade
by Peter Thomas

Category: Fiction / Historical
140 pages; ISBN: 0-7414-1675-1

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


Sweet Robert’s Serenade is the story of how one family pulled together to survive the struggles of war. The main character Robert is a twelve year old boy who finds his life suddenly disturbed and turned upside down when his father is called to duty in the home guard. His father’s first duty is to bring Herbert and Irina Frohlich to safety, as the Frohlich’s home has been burned to the ground. The Frohlichs come to live with Robert and his family and become important additions to the family. Mr. Frohlich is a retired professor of Fine Arts in Music History. He encourages Robert to express his need for hope in a song.

Sweet Robert’s Serenade is a sweet little story about the need for hope in difficult and trying times. Through the character of Robert, the author illustrates that everyone can do something to give others this hope, no matter what the situation. This book also illustrates that sometimes being a family has less to do with blood ties and more to do with caring and connection.



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