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The Seven Hills
by John Maddox Roberts

Category: Fiction / Historical
352 pages; ISBN: 0441012450

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Seven Hills
John Maddox Roberts
Ace, Mar 2005, $23.95, 352 pp.
ISBN: 0441012450

On an alternate earth, Hannibal gave the Romans a chance to surrender and go into exile or he would destroy the city. Most chose exile traveling beyond the Alps to create a new empire, Rome Norricum. They conquered the Gaul, Franks, and Germans; and over a century later they took back Rome.

The Romans control all of mainland Italy and look forward to regaining Sicily from Shofet Hamilcar, a descendent of Hannibal the Great of Carthage. Marcus Scipio has placed Queen Selene in power and formed an alliance with Egypt. However, Titus Norbanus and his four legions make other alliances, conquers new territories that once belonged to Rome, and has earned the loyalty of his troops. He plans to destroy Carthage and use the victory to become the ruler of the neo Roman Empire. Only Marcus and perhaps Carthage stand in the way of this upstart achieving his ambition.

This is a fantastic sequel that returns Rome to the power that she had lost. Readers obtain a lucid picture of what the senators think of the unfolding political and military events and how they regard the two competitors Marcus vs. Titus. John Maddox Roberts, writer of the terrific SPQR Ancient Rome mysteries, with THE SEVEN HILLS and its predecessor (see HANNIBAL’S CHILDREN) is the Harry Turtledove of an alternate Roman Empire.

Harriet Klausner


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