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Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom
by Terresa Saari

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
235 pages; ISBN: 1412016428

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: BarbaraLyn


Are you a fan of magical and mystical people and places? Then this is a story for you. Do you have a young person in your house? Then this is a story for them. Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom is a story of a girl who is left with a miserly spinster aunt when she was five. Her mother promised to come for her in five years but to a little girl that was a long time to be without her mother. Sampson, Aunt Agnes’ butler, is Imogene’s saving grace. Without him, life would be very harsh.

Imogene is drawn to the sea. She loves to swim. One night after her tenth birthday, she goes to the ocean and the dolphin pendant she is wearing begins to glow. Not to give too much of the story away, suffice it to say she finds her parents in the Pacific Kingdom, a whole new underwater world. Since her parents are the King and Queen, she is a princess. There are new friends to make and seahorses to ride besides just being happy to be with her parents.

But, alas, all is not well. Her father’s brother is a threat to the Kingdom. Imogene is not about to let anything happen to the new, wonderful life she is living. She definitely doesn’t want to return to her aunt’s home. So, between her new friends and Sampson, she sets out to rescue the Kingdom.

This book is written for a young child but any adult who never grew up would not be bored reading it. It is an especially good book for a parent/child reading session. I plan to read this to my grandchildren when they come to visit.



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