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a Traitor to Memory
by Elizabeth George

Category: Fiction / Mystery
736 pages; ISBN: 0553801279

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


He made his public debut at the age of six and a half, yet almost two decades later former child prodigy Gideon Davies remains internationally renowned for his music. One day just before a performance, the music vanished and Gideon could no even play a simple note. After a complete neurological work up that showed no physical cause, his doctors recommend a psychiatrist.

Following several intense sessions over the next few weeks, Gideon concludes that he suffers from repressed memories. He did not remember that he once had a sister Sonia who suffered from Down’s Syndrome before being killed by her nanny when she was two. While Gideon struggles to adjust to his recollection, his mother who deserted the family years ago is murdered in front to the London home of a man who one lodged with the Davies family when Sonia still lived. DI Inspector Lynley and Constable Harris begin an investigation to keep the surviving Davies kin safe even though it means digging deep into a family’s darkest secrets.

Elizabeth Peters has written a monster sized, yet fascinating police procedural that allows numerous subplots to fully develop and characters to seem real. Unlike their usual appearance where Lynley and Harris play center court, Gideon is the star of A TRAITOR TO MEMORY. Although it takes a while for the meat of the plot to be served the soup and salad is as tasty as the delicious main course. Ms. Peters provides sub-genre fans with a psychological look at a family in crisis wrapped inside a strong police procedural that will bring the author much acclaim. Set aside a few days and enjoy.

Harriet Klausner


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